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Sub-Quality Foundations and Alignment

Poor alignment and a sub-quality foundation results in an unstable memorial. Unstable memorials can cause harm to people as well as serious damage to other property when they fall.

Avoid This Serious (And Dangerous) Problem

The photos below show a Veterans' Memorial set at a cemetery, and consists of 5 separate granite tablets. In the first photo, you can see how the slabs are not lined up properly with each other. This causes the memorial to become unlined. The second photo shows how the unlined slabs had to be braced with metal brackets because it was unstable.

The Monument Place Can Fulfill Your Civic Memorial Needs

We believe that proper alignment and a solid reinforced foundation are the building blocks of a steady and attractive memorial. When putting together a multi-piece memorial, we double check the granite when it is received to ensure that all pieces will line up together. We also use a solid, steel-reinforced foundation to help support the memorial and give it stability from any ground movement (as shown below).